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The Singer Model 221 “Featherweight” Sewing Machine

This QUESTION OF THE WEEK we're going back to the 1936 era and will continue where we left off with the JANUARY 2010, article on foot controls.

We have fully covered the Two Metal #193852 foot controls from the 1933 to 1935 era, and the #194372 six hole foot control from the 1935 to 1936 era.

What I did in the January 2010 QUESTION OF THE WEEK is told a little fib about the #194584 Solid Bakelite foot control, and didn't tell the entire story.

Reason is, this foot control has its own story, and I wanted it told separate and not intermixed with the earlier foot controls.


MANY COLLECTORS only have one or two machines. They will look and see the 194584 number and... YEP! Right foot control... Secret is Singer made many of these foot controls.  Leo and I will place them in the order they were built, and tell you about the small and often unseen things on each one.

REMEMBER these foot controls have been moved around over the years, from original owners to sellers. To multi machine collectors not watching which case the foot control went back into. Again FIRST TIME EVER IN PRINT, Not in any book or any other web site. So! Let’s get started?

PLEASE Note: We are talking about the American 194584 foot control. They are made in other countries with the same number. Keep that in mind.


SINGER FOOT CONTROL #194584     1936 to 1957


The First 194584 foot control shown below, Note the words SIMANCO USA and the 815 by the right rivet...


foot control is the more common 815A found on most early 221s. Singer has now added. SIMANCO MADE IN USA.

THE THIRD 194584 foot control. Singer has now added SINGER to their foot controls (COLLECTOR SECRET). Singer DID NOT use the word SINGER on any 221 MOTOR or Foot Control till 1947 / 1948 era. SO! This foot control is very easy to date......

ALSO NOTE; The new “S”

THE FOURTH 194584 foot control Singer has moved the Part Number UP. They now have VOLTS and AMP. on the Same Line with AMPERE abbreviated. They have also added:  




You will also note Singer was building or experimenting with their first Bakelite motors at this same time also. THANK YOU Singer for sticking with the 3-SERIES Motors, and making this one a rare oddity...

THE rarely seen 195322 METAL foot control was also made in this 1947/1948 era, with marking like its Bakelite cousin...

THE FIFTH 194584 foot control came out in the 1950/ 1951 era. This is the First/Only to get the S placed in the Center of the foot control with a CIRCLE around it. Also this is the first foot control with NJ spelled out NEW JERSEY.  Many of these matching Motor and Foot Controls can be found on the 1851~1951 CENTENNIAL machines....


THE SIXTH 194584 foot control, Singer dropped the Gray Circle.  Went from AMP to AMPERES Note the S. This foot control was used on many of the later AK an AL machines....

THE SEVENTH 194584 foot control is Almost Identical to the Sixth foot control. Until you follow the GRAY BAND around. It doesn't make a complete circle around the rivets. Also if you look at the small 815 number it has a G prefix in front of it. MY GUESS to match the G on the Motor. This foot control can be found on most of the AL and AM machines.


THE EIGHTH 194584 foot control, I THINK is post American 221 era. I have still seen several 221 with this foot control. And I have been wrong before. If you look you will see that the word SIMANCO is No longer on this foot control?

ABOUT THE 815 Suffix Numbers by the rivets, we don't know if they were a QC quality control number, or what but Singer seemed to change it quite often. Leo and I do have a little advice about the 815 numbers. There are LOTS of them. Start chasing them, and we have a used Straight Jacket for sale.........

LEO and I hope you have enjoyed the article; we spend many hours researching the history of America's favorite little 221 machines? We are collectors just like most of you. We Welcome your Questions and your Advice. Collectors like you are the reason this little machine is so popular. Stay with us, Leo and I have lots of 221 history still to come....


PLEASE PRAY FOR OUR BRAVE TROOPS!