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The Singer Model 221 “Featherweight” Sewing Machine

Question Of The Week

Hello and welcome to this week’s Question of the Week!


HI Friends, sorry for the delay; Leo has been very busy and I have tried to stay out of his way. Plus I have been collecting SINGERCRAFT GUIDES for an up coming Question of the Week. This week we're going to talk about BOBBIN WINDER GUIDES and BOBBIN WHEELS. 



Bobbin Winder Guides

SINGER had TWO Side Mounted Bobbin winder guides. The first one was CHROME and looked a lot like a school bell. This bobbin winder was ONLY on AD SERIES machines. It was used from 1933 to 1935.



The second Bobbin Winder Guide was Black and was Side/Top Mounted. This Guide can be found on BOTH AD and AE SERIES machines up to About AE22XXXX JULY 1936 Era.

Exactly when this Second Black Guide actually came out, we do not know, BUT we can tell you why Singer came out with it.  1) The Chrome BW Guide was getting dinged on the side of the Cases AND 2) Singer was working on a SEWING/CARD TABLE for the 221 and the Chrome BW Guide couldn't be used with it, since it prevented the machine from being set inside the cut-out hole in the table.



Around AE 22XXXX, in 1936, SINGER did away with the side mounted guides. This is also when Singer RECAST the machine body and did away with the SPLIT BASE machines. The next Bobbin Winder Guide was Top Mounted.

Singer used this Basic style guide till the end of the American 221s in 1957.  You can sometimes find a Blackside type Bobbin Winder Guide in the 1941/1945 era, the others are painted black.


And in the late 1950s Singer changed the Black to Chrome.


Bobbin Wheels

You can't wind a Bobbin without a BOBBIN WHEEL, and Singer had FIVE Bobbin Wheels they used on the American 221s.

From 1933 to MID JULY 1936 Era, Singer used a SOLID UNMARKED Wheel.

Mid-way through the JULY 1936 AE SERIES, Singer went to a STAMPED Bobbin wheel.

Sometime between AH120*** (June 1947) and AH326*** (October 1947), Singer reversed the Stamped Bobbin Wheel from Facing Outwards to Facing Inwards. The Stamped Wheel was used till About the AL/AM SERIES, when Singer again went to a SOLID Bobbin Wheel.

The Big difference to look for is the SOLID AL/AM Bobbin Wheel has a visible PART NUMBER on the wheel itself. The 1933 Has No Markings.

Also SOME of the Late AM SERIES have a SOLID BLACK Plastic Bobbin Wheel.



LEO and I Hope you are enjoying the articles?  Take Care & GOD BLESS, And if you need a Special 221 for a Loved One, There is nothing like the MAGIC OF KUJAT?


He is a True Master......................JJ                               




Contact me at: Leo@TheFeatherweight221Factory.com