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The Singer Model 221 “Featherweight” Sewing Machine



QUESTION: How many different American 221 Foot Controls did Singer build?

The very first one in 1933 was part number: 193852 and it was rated at 0.6 Amperes.



Almost immediately Singer went back and changed it, retaining the part number 193852, but it is rated at 0.7 Amperes. These all had COTTON Wrapped wiring, and the Wall Plugs were engraved SINGER USA. Singer used this foot control for ALL the AD series machines, and the first AE Series in 1935.

Sometime during the Second Production Run of the AE SERIES the #194372 foot control came out. This was Singers First Plastic Foot Control, and is easy to spot as they have SIX slotted holes in the top. These are the Rarest Foot Controls Singer ever made, and they lasted ABOUT two or two and a half production runs on the AE Series. 



Singer replaced them with the familiar Solid Plastic Foot Control, #194584. This was the Foot Control Singer used ALMOST exclusively until the last AM model in 1957.



In 1941 to 1948, The METAL Foot Control, # 195322 Began showing up. We don't know if Singer was having troubles getting Plastic in the War years or if it was cheaper to build METAL foot controls at the time. Still Between 1941 and 1948, these foot controls can be found on SOME, AG and AH SERIES  machines...



ANSWER: Singer made a total of FIVE DIFFERENT and ORIGINAL Foot Controls for the American 221s.

In the photo below, guess which one is the #195322 Foot Control?

LOOK at the Electrical Cords, The 1941 Era # 195322 cord comes out the Left side..........

IF you got it Right ? Do the HAPPY PANTS DANCE  ;o)

THE Unanswered Question is; Could the #195322 Foot Control be an Updated Foot Control left over from 1933, with just the top and wiring replaced? 

WE may never know..........COPYRIGHTED (1209) LEO & JJ


Leo & I want to do a Question Of The Week on Featherweight 221 Motors. But first we have to start at the beginning. For seventy plus years the Little 221 motor has been hidden in plain sight.  Again, Leo and I warned you in the beginning, that we are going to Show and Tell you Featherweight 221 secrets, never before put into print.



"Ghost Companies" of Singer


First we will mention one Singer Ghost Company: OSANN. The photo below is an OSANN SEWHANDY, with a Singer motor, Built and Owned by Singer, from 1934 to 1938.



MYTH: Singer copied the SEWHANDY to build the Featherweight 221.

FACT: U.S. patent records show that Richard Holmann, the inventor of the SEWHANDY, was already working for Singer by 1931. A couple of years later, in 1933, the Featherweight 221 as introduced. By 1934 Singer owned the Frederick Osann company, and with it, the SEWHANDY machine. Was the Featherweight inspired by the SEWHANDY? I think not; one only has to look at the Singer Model 24, pictured below, which had been in production since the 1920's to recognize the similarity between the 24 and the SEWHANDY. So similar in fact, that I think the SEWHANDY was inspired by the Model 24.


Singer Model 24



Back to the 221 Motors, if you had to put a name and a face on the Singer Motors, that man was Philip DIEHL. He was the genius behind the Singer Motors. In about 1918 Singer bought/acquired the DIEHL MFG to build Singer sewing motors. I have included two DIEHL/SINGER Blue Prints, and they are from Two Different plants dating to the WWII era.






Other Singer "Ghost" Companies:





NEXT WEEK Leo and I will bring you the rest of the story behind the 221 motors. You think Singer only made a couple of 3-110 and a few 3-120 volt motors for the 221? Guess Again! Until next time...Whether you want 221 facts, or to acquire one of the finest 221'a in America, it's all RIGHT HERE!


Thanks!...............COPYRIGHT (0110)..........................JJ & Leo

Contact me at: Leo@TheFeatherweight221Factory.com