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About Us

The Singer Model 221 “Featherweight” Sewing Machine

About Us

I have been collecting Singer Model 221 sewing machines for many years and I have owned perhaps more than 1500 machines. As of this writing, I have 24 for my personal collection and about 100 in various states of restoration. These wonderful machines have surpassed the test of time and are just as desirable today as they were when they were introduced. The level of Craftsmanship and Quality just does not exist today, and certainly not in today's household sewing machines. Imagine having 75 year old cars or other appliance that still work as well as they did when new? Having spent 30 years in the automotive industry I have always been interested in "how things work" and promptly took apart my first old Singer, just to see how it worked. I was amazed at the engineering that went into those old machines and even more amazed that with such little care they still function even after years of neglect.

If you really enjoy sewing, and want a really beautiful machine to own, please take a look and the machines I currently have for sale; you will not be disappointed. Some people believe that the machine should not be restored, that they should wear their scars as badges of honor. Personally, I believe that a machine that has survived so many years deserves to be restored to its original factory condition. Similar to a classic automobile, would you prefer to own an old jalopy or ride in a beautiful, pristine condition gem? The Featherweight is a wonderful machine so why not show off a beautiful example at your next quilting gathering instead of dragging out an old jalopy?


Contact me at: Leo@TheFeatherweight221Factory.com