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The Singer Model 221 “Featherweight” Sewing Machine

Perhaps you found a Featherweight in your Grandmother's attic, or even by the side of the road; you can now sell your old Featherweight for a fair price immediately! I will give a fair price for any model year/condition Featherweight!

Just send me an email with photos of your machine and I will contact you with details towards selling your old machine for immediate cash!

I am also always on the lookout for Featherweight parts. If you have parts for a Featherweight, or an old Featherweight case or case parts of any year that you want to sell immediately, please contact me with photos and I will contact you with details on selling your old parts for immediate cash!

Any old Featherweight part will have some value, from burnt out motors to broken parts, there are usually some pieces that are still usable and have some value to me. Send me your photos and let's see if we can make a deal!

Contact me at: Leo@TheFeatherweight221Factory.com