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The Singer Model 221 “Featherweight” Sewing Machine

Question Of The Week

In 1933 the First 221 SCROLL Stagger Leg Face Plates were very different from all face plates.

QUESTION: Can you tell a 1933/1934 STAGGER LEG Face Plate from a Late 1934/1937 STAGGER LEG Face Plate? 

I took the pictures as you would see the face plate while looking at the machine, Notice the bottom Thread Guide is Circular shaped on the 1933 era face plate. While the later 1934ish Thread Guide is a Straight bar. Very minor differences, still something a collector should pick up on..

About 1937 on the AE SERIES, SINGER started coming out with a new Face Plate. This we call the EVEN LEG SCROLL because the Legs at the bottom of the design were now even with each other.

This would be Singer’s main Face Plate till about 1947, EXCEPT,  World War 2 broke out and Two Other Face Plates got thrown into the mix. In December 1939, Singer came out with a machine that today we call a CRINKLE.


The Face Plate has three stripes and a Godzilla style finish. There are many Rumors about this machine going to War. I HAVE MY DOUBTS.. I have heard that Singer built as many as 800..I HAVE MY DOUBTS... In 35 years I have ran across 16 Machines. That is counting Both 1939 and 1940 Models..


IN 1941 and in 1945 Singer was having trouble getting CHROME and other metals because of WWII. This is when the FIFTH Face Plate came along. It was later called a SCROLL BLACKSIDE Face Plate because of it's blackened color. 

STILL, in this time frame a CHROME Face Plate is easier to find than a BLACKSIDE face plate, So Singer must have stocked up on chrome when times were good. PLEASE NOTE; The 1941/1945 SCROLL BLACKSIDE Face Plate is the ONLY blackside face plate; there is NOT a later Edition as you may read in some books. That face plate is a FAKE. Here is what we think happened. If a repair was made after the last of the striated face plates were used up, then some enterprising repair person simply used the current production stamped sheet metal that was being used on the white/tan Featherweights and painted it black.


Here is a photo of a white faceplate on an older black machine.

IN 1947 the last American face plate from Singer began showing up on the AH SERIES 221 it was called a STRIATED Face Plate.


Now if you own a 1940 CRINKLE with a STRIATED Face Plate, Which most of them have? Your machine didn't go to war, it went to a Singer holding room till at least 1947.  The Crinkle was so butt ugly to the regular 221’s back then, that this is probably where they got their war machine rumor.

Today the CRINKLES can bring three to four thousand dollars each, So I guess their not so ugly after all.. ;o) 




HOPE you have enjoyed the articles. When you get ready for a Beautiful built 221, You really need to experience the MAGIC OF KUJAT The man is a True Master..........SEE YOU LATER AND GOD BLESS



Contact me at: Leo@TheFeatherweight221Factory.com