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The Singer Model 221 “Featherweight” Sewing Machine




Welcome back. Leo and I hope you are all staying cool and your all finding the 221s of your dreams.  Leo's FEATHERWEIGHT FACTORY site is now 20 months old. We want to thank all of you for your praise and support! We hope you keep coming back and bring your friends with you! There has been much written about the 221 in its 78 year history. Thanks to Leo and his dedication to this fine machine, His web site is now the Authority on 221 Facts. There is no other website or 221 book that even comes close.....When this fine machine turns 100, The FEATHERWEIGHT FACTORY will be where the collectors turn for their 221 facts. Leo and I continue to post 221 facts, never before written about and some never even heard of...WHY write Myth's about a Real Machine???


THIS NEXT Question Of The Week comes from a 221 collector named GARY COX. I had been up all night working on another QOW when Leo sent me this E-mail, From Gary.


“I didn't see anything in your weekly articles about the different castings for the bases. I noticed that the first base left of the bobbin case has an added piece cast and then machined like an attachment or something was to slide in and be locked in place there. Can you tell me what it was for and why the change?
Thanks Gary”

THANKS GARY; Glad you didn't ask me that in front of hundreds of people!


After about ten days with little sleep and lots of emails, Leo and I are 99.999% sure we can answer Gary's question.


When Singer built the very FIRST 221's...The machines with the SERIAL NUMBER Under the Oil Pan..

Singer used this BRACKET to align the serial number stamping machine.


It was also secured with a 3/32 bolt.. NOW! I see reason # 2 for moving the serial number, from under the oil pan. This must have been a very time consuming manufacturing process.

What we noticed first off is the bottom bracket was THREADED. This was ONLY on machines with the serial number UNDER the Oil Pan..


You can see from the cotton swap the Bracket is straight across from the serial number.


I sent another Email to our Lady collector Friend JAE in Connecticut, She also had some very early

221s. Her reply proved my point..

“Yes, both my 5450##, with the decal above the motor and 55#### have outside serial number plates and don't have threaded brackets.
My 1st run 5417## has the inside serial number plate and the threaded bracket.
I like how I'm learning from you to ask the 'why' questions when seeing differences!
Thanks :)
Best, Jae”

Jae's AD5417## has the THREADED Bracket on the one with the serial number UNDER the Oil Pan. Jae's AD5450XX with the New serial number base had an UNTHREADED Bracket...



Anyone with a AD--AE--AF or AG machine can see this Bracket is still in location, Just Not Threaded. Unless you have a very early machine with the old serial number base.....


By AH052927 the Old Bracket was still there. Someone had modified it slightly by filling in the holes that were once there.....

Somewhere around AH665909 Singer again Recast or Modified the frame. And the MYSTERY BRACKET was completely removed and Almost lost to History..EXCEPT, for Collectors like GARY and JAE..THANKS!!


There you have it my Friends. Another 221 mystery put to rest.


REMEMBER This? Next time you are at a SINGER Museum. Or Antique auction or Mall. Keep your eyes peeled, as somewhere out there is One or Two of them old Singer Serial Number Stamping Machines. And I just happen to know someone who would go nuts to have one.. ;o)


HOPE You enjoyed the QOW? Please stop by and look over the machines Leo has for sale. This also helps keep the web site up and running..


PLEASE PRAY FOR OUR TROOPS                                        

                                    COPYRIGHT (711)  LEO & JJ