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The Singer Model 221 “Featherweight” Sewing Machine

When did the SINGER 1851~1951 CENTENNIAL Edition Machine come out?



Leo and I wanted to hold this for a later date, but the problem is that we're putting so much new information out that it is only a matter of time before one of you figure it out. And I want credit to go where credit is due. Only Fair!



The question has always been; How did a 1951 Dated Emblem show up on 1947 and 1948 AH SERIES machines?  I have had many theories, from EMPLOYEES taking the emblems home and updating their personal machines, or even SINGER DEALERS obtaining them and trying to update their old inventory. After a while I started really looking and taking notes of the Whole Machine. Machine Serial Numbers, Motor Numbers, Case Dates and Manual Dates. Remember the Old Saying Follow the Money? Singer Serial Numbers are the same way. I soon learned that in and around serial number AH66xxxx I would find my answer.



I emailed some Featherweight 221 collector friends, EVONA in Oregon and JAE in Connecticut and asked them to keep an eye out for any AH SERIES CENTENNIAL machines. Soon we were hitting pay dirt. SOME of them began showing up with TYPE 5 Cases i.e.; 1951 era. Some with 678-3A Motors, i.e.; 1951 era. Some with (750) Manuals i.e.; JULY 1950. SOME with a combination of them all.

Then on MAY-30-2009, we hit the Diamond....AH663466...A JUNE-18-1948 CENTURY CENTENNIAL, with a 1951 era TYPE 5 Case, a 678-3A 1950s Motor, a (750) JULY 1950 Manual AND an INSPECTION STICKER with the Machine serial number AH663466 with a (1150) NOVEMBER 1950 Inspection Before Leaving the Singer Plant.


The data we have collected pretty much tells me, that in January or March 1950 is when the 1851~1951 CENTURY EMBLEMS came out, and Singer had stocks of AH and a few AJ machines. These were the FIRST machines to get the Century Emblems. I will say it again; I will take History over Myth any day.

Here is another example of an AH SERIES CENTENNIAL, AH663793:

Type 5 Case


July 1950 (750) Manual


Centennial Badge

Centennial Badge

June 18, 1948 Serial Number

678-3 motor was introduced in the Summer of 1948,

which matches the serial number dating.



Hope you are enjoying our articles; WE have many more to come in the future!  Leo and I enjoy bringing them to you! Drop by often and next time bring a Friend. 221 Collecting is fun for all. IF you in need of a Nice 221, Check out the MAGIC of KUJAT.......THANKS   


COPYRIGHT (0210)    LEO & JJ


HI Again! Sorry for late follow-up to our last article on the 221 Motor, we stopped with the CIRCLE S, 1933 to 1948 era 3-110 volt motors. This week we will finish with the last, 1948 to 1957, 221 machines with the 3-120 volt motors.  Keep in mind Singer did a lot of jumping around in this era, so bear with me. When you see the “AH” series machine with several different motors on them, then you will understand and this is why it pays to be alert if you are a collector.


QUESTION: How many of the motors shown below can be found on the 1948 AH machine?


ANSWER:  Two of them. The 678-3 came out ABOUT the summer of 1948.

The 678-3A came out ABOUT Early 1950. And the 678-3B came out ABOUT Early 1952.

NOW! A few of may be asking “How come I have a CENTENNIAL SINGER, with an “AH” (1948) serial number, and a 1950's 678-3A Motor on it?”  ANSWER: Perfectly Original! AND I will break that Myth at another time. Hehehehe!

OK, that is THREE 3-120 motors.

We’re now moving into the 1950's era. How many more motors were there?

ANSWER: 1, 2, 3, or MORE? I call these G-Motors. The G678-4 came out about 1955 on the last of the AL SERIES. The other two, G678-04 & G678-4A, can be found on the 1956 and 1957 AM SERIES machines. Are you beginning to see now that as a collector it is very important to pay attention to the motors? They are the very heart of the machine, and they are often totally over looked, OR Hidden in Plain Sight. OK, now we have discussed 12 motors.

Guess what we have one more...

1601-1A is the other “rare” motor we told you about in the last article. This motor WE THINK is also a Singer service replacement motor, like the 678 motor. It shows up from time to time, but can't be traced through the serial numbers. This motor is very interesting.

So at the end of a very successful Series 3 motor production, this is what SINGER wrote in their document "Electrical Primer - Singer Motors - For Singer Family Sewing Machines", dated ADV. NO 1909 REVISED August 1946 (846): THE SERIES 3 Motors are superseded by the SERIES CA6 Motors, in which the end covers, Core Shield and the Pulley are Constructed of Bakelite.

Just in case anyone needs a wiring diagram for the 221, here it is:

Hope you enjoyed the 221 MOTOR articles! Leo and I have worked hard to bring you a little closer to understanding your 221. What you have read here are just tips to help with your 221 collecting.

Take Care, God Bless, and please come back often!

COPYRIGHT (0210)    JJ & LEO

Contact me at: Leo@TheFeatherweight221Factory.com