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Needle Threading

The Singer Model 221 “Featherweight” Sewing Machine

Changing the needle and the threading of the needle is another area of concern with the Featherweight sewing machine. Many sewing machines, including many Singer models, have the thread go through the needle from Left to Right, the opposite of the Featherweight. The Featherweight is threaded from Right to Left. Another area to watch for is the flat side of the sewing needle and it's position in the needle bar and clamp. Someone came up with a catchy way to remember the correct position for the needle flat for Featherweights; Needle Flat Left (NFL).

See below for the proper needle installation and the threading of the needle (Please pardon my dirty fingers in the photos!).

Notice the flat side of the needle. In this case the needle has the size stamped on the flat.

The flat side of the needle is inserted so that the flat side points Left of the machine. Push the needle all the way up into the needle bar.

Showing proper threading of the needle.

You can download a .pdf copy of these instructions here: Threading Machine

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